CloudSecurity eSummit 235x132Cloud Security eSummit - Thursday, Apr. 20

Cloud security is re-emerging as a critical area of concern. For a time, security teams scrambled to bolt on security to third-party software, worrying that the data was outside owners’ control. Now, a new architecture is emerging, one in which companies have the opportunity to bake security into critical apps and cloud storage from inception. With automation and Cloud Access Security Brokers leading the way, there is an opportunity to make our systems and data more secure than ever before. We had this chance with virtualization and missed the boat; this time, will you hop on board or let cloud security float on by?


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Adv. Persistent Threat 235x132Advanced Persistent Threats eSummit - Thursday, May 25

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are typically considered the pinnacle of the most dangerous attack types. APT actors are thought to deploy well-funded and purposeful multi-phased strategic cyber attacks against very specific targets. In other words, these threat actors launch a “stop at nothing” attack methodology to find a way into victims’ networks, and then use sophisticated techniques to remain undetected for extended periods of time. 

Attend MISTI’s Advanced Persistent Threat eSummit to learn leading practices on readying your organization for an APT—as well as some of the other, more common attack types you’ve surely identified in your network.


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Audit Compliance 235x132Audit & Compliance eSummit - Thursday, Mar. 2

Security pros know that “compliance” doesn’t equal “security.” But we also know that compliance drives many security decisions (and investments), and provides the foundation upon which excellent security processes and controls are built. When auditors come knocking, no management team wants to hear that security didn’t meet compliance requirements.

Register for MISTI’s March 2nd Audit & Compliance eSummit to learn how you can leverage compliance mandates to reduce risk and keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. 


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Mobile Security eSummit 235x132Mobile Security eSummit - On Demand 

Increased employee mobility continues to drive enterprise concerns about mobile security. Analysts predict that more than 12 billion mobile devices will be in use by 2018, and the security of those devices is largely in the hands of users, carriers, and manufacturers. Historically, carriers and manufacturers are slow to push updates to end users; end users, for their part, neglect to update devices, don’t configure the most secure settings and are more prone to downloading malicious apps or clicking on malicious links from a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop.

Attend MISTI’s Mobile Security eSummit to hear from industry leading experts about the best tools and techniques to help you overcome your mobile security challenges.



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TI eSummit 235x132Threat Intelligence eSummit - On Demand

It's not enough to aggregate log data and hope for the best; threat intelligence is about collecting, analyzing, and contextualizing threat data from across the web, between like organizations, and from internal sources. MISTI's Threat Intelligence eSummit features insight from leading organizations and threat practitioners that share their tactics when it comes to harnessing the power of threat intel to identify true threats and indicators of compromise before a cyber attack cripples the organization.


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How Identity Governance Can Help Protect Your Organization - On Demand

Identity governance was born out of necessity for compliance and audit, helping to answer the questions: How can we verify who has access to what, and understand if this is access that they actually need? However, identity governance has become so much more than that. It has become a security control, a way to help prevent insider threats, and a way to help the business, IT and audit communicate.

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