By Marcos Colón

December 27, 2016

A new report by TrapX Security sheds light on the 63 percent uptick in cyberattacks impacting healthcare organizations in 2016.

The study analyzes attacks in the healthcare industry between January 1, 2016, and December 12 that were reported to the Department of Health and Human Service, Office of Civil Rights, according to a Dark Reading post.

In 2016, 93 major cyberattacks struck healthcare organizations, an increase from the 57 cyber assaults in 2015. Of those major cyberattacks in 2016, some of the biggest organizations impacted included Banner Health, Newkirk Products, and 21st Century Oncology, which combined for more than nine million compromised medical records.

Although the number of attacks has increased, the total number of records compromised dropped to 12,057,759.