By Marcos Colón

January 9, 2017

An E-Sports Entertainment Association database containing 1.5 million gamer profiles has been compromised by hackers.

The video gaming community was hacked last December and players were notified of the incident on December 20, 2016 – in addition to the possibility of the data being leaked. On Sunday, the company posted a message to Twitter addressing the leaked information.

“Recently news has been made that ESEA’s user data has been leaked online. We expected something like this could happen but have no firmed this is ESEA’s data,” according to the Tweet.

A day before the company addressed news, LeakedSource stated that 1,503,707 ESEA records were added to its database. The leaked information tied to gamers includes names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, bcrypt hashes, and usernames.

A LeakedSource spokesperson told Salted Hash that the hacker behind the compromise initially demanded a $50,000 ransom. In return, the hacker would not disclose the attack and also help the company address the security flaw he leveraged.