By Marcos Colón

December 28, 2016

Even after Yahoo’s recent disclosure of a 2013 data breach that impacted more than 1 billion user accounts, Verizon’s deal to acquire the tech giant may not be derailed.

Although there will be some reputational damage, experts believe that investors and the public will soon forget about the incidents, much like they have with other companies. Yahoo’s shares have dropped 5.5 percent since its latest breach disclosure that made headlines on December 14, which gives Verizon leverage in negotiating Yahoo’s purchase price down by five percent to 10 percent, according to a Bloomberg report.

The company’s latest breach disclosure comes just months following a separate disclosure of a breach that occurred in 2014 and affected 500 million accounts.

According to Verizon’s spokesman, the company is still evaluating the conditions surrounding the deal before final decisions are made.