By Marcos Colón

January 10, 2017

An investigation conducted by California’s Department of Insurance has concluded that a foreign nation was behind the data breach that impacted health insurance provider Anthem.

First discovered in January 2015, the cyber attack on Anthem resulted 78.8 million consumer records being exposed. Soon after the attack, a nationwide examination of the incident was launched and led by state insurance commissioners, including California’s Dave Jones.

On Friday the results of the investigation were released, shedding light on who may have promoted the attack.

“In this case, our examination team concluded with a significant degree of confidence that the cyber attacker was acting on behalf of a foreign government,” Jones said in a statement released Friday.

The investigation found that the attack took place nearly one year before it was disclosed in early February 2015, “when a user within one of Anthem’s subsidiaries” became the victim of a phishing email.