Thumbnail-for-PhishLabs-Malware is constantly evolving, and ransomware currently sits right at the pinnacle. Threat actors all over the world devote valuable time and energy to perfecting their creations, and new iterations featuring upgraded capabilities are discovered frequently.

Since the CryptoLocker/Bitcoin partnership exploded onto the scene in 2013, high profile breaches all over the world have made it abundantly clear that no organization is safe. Phishing has been far and away the most popular delivery method for ransomware, and the continued evolution of text-based social engineering attacks has been a significant factor in the rise of ransomware.

Right now most organizations are completely unready to cope with ransomware, both from security and recovery standpoints. In many cases, even basic security protocols such as consistent vulnerability management are lackluster or missing entirely, and threat actors are making millions of dollars every year as a result.

In this digital asset we explore the growing threat of ransomware, and what you can do to keep your organization secure. After reviewing these insights, security leaders will understand:

·   What ransomware is, and how threat actors use it for profit

·   How ransomware families differ, and which to look out for in the next year

·   The three stages of ransomware defense and how to react if you are infected

·   What ransomware of the future might look like



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