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The business world runs on data. And for many companies, the more data they can collect, the better off they feel they are. Companies use data to understand their target market, current customers’ needs and desires, potential new products and partnerships, expansion opportunities, and more. Today’s computing capabilities make it easier than ever to collect, sort, analyze, share, and use data, and so businesses forge ahead, consuming as much data as is possible. For the security practitioner, though, more data means more opportunity for loss and misuse. Not only is security charged with protecting data inside the company’s systems (and the systems themselves), but with cloud and mobile, sensitive data is traveling in and out of devices and networks outside the security practitioner’s control. During this Data Security eSummit, you will hear strategies for discovering, classifying, organizing, and protecting data both in and outside of your company’s domain. Experts will share leading practices on tools, techniques, and procedures for ensuring data security at every level of the data lifecycle.

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