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Continuous vulnerability assessments are a top 5 CIS Control, yet many organizations fail to complete assessments regularly or in a systematic manner. Vulnerability assessments include scanning, monitoring, and penetration testing (and more). It’s not an either/or choice based on whether or not the organization has enough time or money. To understand your organization’s cybersecurity weaknesses (and where to improve), you must know the vulnerabilities in your tools, techniques and people; understanding just part of the triad isn’t enough. Executing regular vulnerability assessments, though, is a challenge. Many security teams do not have adequate time or budget to complete everything on the security “task list.” Attend MISTI’s Vulnerability Assessment eSummit to learn how to move these critical assessments up your priority list, what resources you’ll truly have to dedicate to make them happen and how to ensure assessments deliver the results you need to take appropriate actions that will make your organization more secure.

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