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Applications have become the technological underpinnings which enable employees to do their jobs faster, more accurately, and with greater ease. Applications have become so ubiquitous within organizations that most employees don’t even consider the tools with which they are working “applications” at all, rather, that spreadsheet, that portal, that project tracking system is just a part of getting things done. The average organization uses 1,175 applications, and 33% of those applications are considered “mission critical” yet injection flaws have remained on the OWASP Top 10 guide for years. The fact is, in today’s fast-paced business environment, developers are rewarded for building cutting-edge, user-friendly applications that can be rolled out quickly. Security takes a backseat to deployment. Attend MISTI’s Application Security eSummit to hear from experts how security teams can work more closely with development teams—whether you want to start a DevSecOps program or just build better relationships through which security can become “baked in” to the development lifecycle.

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