*Please note - in order for MISTI to provide you with CPEs for our Virtual Classroom offerings you are required to use a webcam during the training to validate your participation.


  1. Connect to a test room to download Virtual Training Room conference client 
    Connect to Test Room

  2. When prompted, install the client application

  3. Testing your audio, video and connection. When finished installing the client, the following window will open. Click on "Test Computer Audio"
  4. Test both audio input and output by clicking on "Test Mic" button. Speak into your mic to record your voice. You'll see the indicator bars moving when you're speaking. When completed, it will play back the recorded audio and you will hear your voice. If you can hear your recorded voice, then your audio (mic and speaker) devices are working properly.
  5. Test your video by clicking on Video (left panel). If you can see yourself on video, then your device is working properly.

  6. Exiting Test Room