If you're interested in contributing an article to MISTI's Internal Audit Insights, then you've come to the right place.

Internal Audit Insights aims to provide internal auditors with leading thinking and insight to enable positive change within their organization. Each article should be aimed at answering common (and not so common) questions that internal auditors have, and provide actionable takeaways that readers can immediately use.

Why should I write for Internal Audit Insights?

• Our articles are featured in our newsletter that reaches more than 20,000 readers.
• We have more than 6,500 active social media followers across our platforms.
• Our top articles receive thousands of page views.
• Authors can receive exceptional professional exposure that may lead to new opportunities and positioning as a thought leader among peers.

Who am I writing for?

Our audience includes members of the internal audit community, including internal audit executives at all levels, service providers, and others that are interested in how companies provide assurance over processes and functions and how they manage risk.

How do I write a great Internal Audit Insights article?

Keep the audience in mind: Try to address the challenges that internal auditors face. But remember, it's not just about highlighting a problem, it's about providing a solution to the problem in a clear way through your writing. Consider trends, leading practices, and innovative ideas in internal audit.

Nail your message: Do your best to keep your article on point, where the challenge you are addressing, questions and answers, and advice is as clear as it can be for readers.

Be prescriptive: It's not about motivating readers to take action, it's about providing an explanation on how to take that action! Focus as much or more on the "how" as on the "why."

Make it personal: Like a journalist, tell a story. Don't be afraid to make it a bit personal and share some of your experiences.

Use examples: The best articles provide illustrative examples and walk the reader through how something was accomplished.

Include links: Be sure to attribute your work, and be sure to show a little love to any sources you may have tapped into by providing our readers with links to the work – but make sure they work!

Avoid buzzwords: Do your best to stay away from any industry jargon and legalese. Use plain, straightforward language.

Don't be self-promotional: If you happen to work for a vendor or service provider in the space, avoid promoting any tools or companies within your article. There will be a bio located in the article that should do the trick.

Fact-check: Check your facts, cite your sources. (but please do not use footnotes! Use a link or cite the source directly in the text.)

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What topics can I cover?

If you've visited Internal Audit Insights before, you've likely played around with our filters. Here's a look at the sections and topics that we use to organize our content.

Section Tags:
• Managing Your Team
• Best Practices
• Becoming a Better Internal Auditor
• News & Developments

Topic Tags:
• Audit Committee & Board
• Critical Business Skills
• Culture & Ethics
• Data Analytics
• Financial Reporting & Sarbanes-Oxley
• Fraud
• Information Technology & Security
• Regulation & Compliance
• Risk Management
• Training & Development

How do I submit?

All article drafts should be submitted in a Word doc or Google doc format in an email sent here.

Length: The ideal length of an Internal Audit Insights article is between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Both shorter and longer articles may be accepted, but that is the guideline.

Bio: Remember to include a bio of 100 words or less. Don't forget to include your social media information if available (Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile) or links to any websites. We do not allow any promotional or personal links to be included within body copy or any links to gated material.

Headshot: We'd love for our audience to put a face to a name, so send us a 300x300 headshot image that we can include with the author profile located on the article page.

Supporting Images: Any high res images you want to include as part of your article should be placed within the Word/Google doc. Please be sure to have the rights to the image before submitting them to us. For interactive content like videos and infographics, make sure to include the embed code within the doc as well.

Still have more questions? Feel free to send us an email here.