A week-long series of internal audit courses provides internal auditors the opportunity to fill gaps in their portfolio of skills

Despite the phrase "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," there are some events that take place there that you'd be happy to take with you and apply in your professional life. In March, we will offer just such an event, as MISTI's Training Week heads to the City of Lights.

The week-long series of seminars will take place from March 13-17 at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Internal auditors can choose from among 11 courses, including such foundational courses as Fundamentals of Internal AuditingIT Audit School, and Intermediate IT Audit School.

During training week, MISTI will also offer several courses in specific areas of interest. For example, the course Auditing the Credit Department, with instructor Dennis Cox, will focus on the increasingly complex credit department at banks. Throughout this two-day seminar, participants will examine a proven approach for auditing this critical area. Attendees will review public information on current company structures to discover the role of the credit department within a major financial services organization.

LV training weekAnother two-day course, Interviewing Techniques for Effective Audits, will instruct attendees on how to encourage people to share information, manage conversational flow, pay attention and respond to behavioral clues, capture details and insights provided by the interviewee, and incorporate interview results into an overall audit approach. We will explore and practice interview techniques that will allow attendees to more effectively obtain the truth, detect lies and deception, and gain valuable knowledge throughout the audit process.

Internal auditors can make the most of the week by adding a three-day seminar on such topics as Auditing Encryption or Introduction to Information Security, with instructor Mary Siero.

The week will also offer several networking opportunities. There's no better time to be in Las Vegas than March, and MISTI's Training Week provides a great reason to head there.