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In the modern business world—chaotic, quickly changing, full of uncertainty—an audit executive’s most formidable challenges all trace back to linkage. We can define that as connecting auditing activities performed to the strategic objectives the company has.

Clearly auditors and audit committees are thinking about the challenge.

Our 2018 Internal Audit Priorities survey asked audit executives to rate how keenly senior management wanted them to assist across a range of concerns. Success at linking audit activities to strategic objectives also drives to questions of audit team agility, staff recruitment, relations with the board and other parts of the enterprise, and audit department resources. Audit leaders need to devise new approaches to new risks, often using new technologies or new people — and all the while, doing your day job of “traditional” audit concerns such as Sarbanes-Oxley testing or giving travel & entertainment expenses a close look.

This year’s Internal Audit Priorities Report, sponsored by Experis Finance, compiled from nearly 300 survey respondents, raises key points about these challenges.

Download the full report and learn:

  • What the top internal audit priorities are;
  • The biggest challenges facing the function this year;
  • Obstacles tied to recruiting talent;
  • Action items audit leaders can put to use today.


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